potbank in the park.png

Large-scale outdoor collage of a potbank

We asked the community to help us to create a large-scale outdoor collage of a potbank. 

The project should have taken place in Hartshill Nature Reserve Park on Saturday 21st August, however due to the bad weather it was unfortunately rained off. 


We did have a wet weather solution though so that people could still take part. 

We put packs together which contained all the materials participants needed to create their brick (board, glue, paint & paint brush).  We delivered them to people's homes and asked them to go outside to forage for the natural items in their own time, when it's not raining. Once they had found their natural items, they could get creative and decorate their boards at home or in their garden.


Just look at what they created!!

Bottle Kiln 4.jpg

We then put all the images together into a digital collage of a potbank.

We wanted to inspire our local community to get creative outdoors and try something new. 


Nature is full of exciting things to see and can be a hive of creativity.  Encouraging people to use what they see outdoors in their creative activities gets them thinking creatively and reminds them of all the wonderful things they can discover outside. 


We are surrounded by beautiful natural materials. Using flowers, leaves, sticks, and branches allows and encourages us to find art in everything we see, be present and appreciate the beauty of nature.  


We also learn to respect nature so there are a few key things to keep in mind when gathering your materials:

Only gather things that are in great abundance. Gather materials that have fallen to the ground like sticks or leaves. 

If you pick plants, make sure they are low impact like weeds. 


Getting the community to come together to create a giant masterpiece also encourages community cohesion that people can be proud to have contributed to.

This was a free event funded by Creative Lives and Stoke-on-Trent City Council, thank you.

Thank You to everyone that to took part.