potbank in the park.png

Large-scale outdoor collage of a potbank

We need you to help us to create a large-scale outdoor collage of a potbank. 

We want to invite you to come along to Hartshill Nature Reserve and participate in a large-scale outdoor collage on Saturday 21st August from 11am-3pm.   

You will be given an A3 board then you will walk around the nature reserve finding natural items/materials (e.g sticks, leaves, flowers etc.) Once you have found a range of natural items/materials you will come back to the central area, where you will get creative and decorate your boards by gluing and painting the natural items/materials to the board.

Your board is essentially a "brick" of the potbank.

When your board (brick) is finished, you will be asked to add it to the mapped out area on the grass.  Once all the finished boards (bricks) are in place, the final image will resemble a potbank.

This will be a 1 day creative outdoor event.  The final image will be documented using photography and aerial footage.  You will be asked to remove your board at the end of the day and take it home, so there is no harm or trace left on the nature reserve.