Pop-up Ceramic Street Gallery in Hartshill


We are encouraging people within the Hartshill community to make clay decorations at home then tie their creations around the lampposts on Hartshill Road and Albany Road to build a community street gallery of clay decorations.  


Collective Skills Project will put together packs of air-drying clay along with instructions and deliver them to households within the Hartshill community. 


We want you to get creative by making decorations using clay in your home.  The clay is air-drying, which means you wont need to fire it and can decorate it with paints or nail varnishes once dried.  

Stoke-on-Trent is known for its pottery heritage. Using clay as a medium to create the decorations allows us to pay tribute to our pottery heritage. 


Once finished, you will tie your clay decorations to the lampposts on Hartshill Road and Albany Road, which is a main route to the hospital, to produce a community street gallery.  The display will be bright and colourful.  It will attract attention during people’s daily walks and give everyone a feeling of community pride and happiness.



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“This was a lovely project to take part in, thank you!”

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